Let's Get Creative

With live, interactive classes featuring nonprofits, authors, and experts, guided service projects, and a supportive community, kids can make a difference.

The Team Kind Humans Membership

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Easily find ways for you and your child to have fun and help others with monthly curated content, ready-to-go service projects, and exclusive live calls with nonprofits, authors, and experts.

Hear from nonprofits

Jump on a live call with a different nonprofit each month and learn firsthand what they are all about.  Can't make it live? Replays will be available.

Learn from the experts

Learn from the authors of the featured books and hear from experts in the field of the service theme for the month.

Step-by-step instructions

No more searching the internet for service projects your kid won't even do.  Each month will feature exclusive live calls (replays will be available in your membership portal) with clear instructions to complete the project for the nonprofit of the month.

Take action

No more saying, "Ugh, I should be doing more to involve my kid in service." Kick the guilt to the curb and cheer your child on while they strengthen their compassion for others.


Work together with other like-minded kids wanting to make a difference.  Ask questions and complete kindness challenges for PRIZES inside our safe, secure community (Similar to a private Facebook group, but hosted in your membership).

Personal Growth

Spreading kindness encourages others to do the same.  It also fills us with the happy feelings that promote mental health, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

I'm Katie

Hey there!  I'm Katie, you're new kindness bestie.  When I decided at the age of 7 that I would become a teacher, I never imagined this is how I would use my degree.  Now homeschooling my two kids, I find myself giddy over creating activities and opportunities to involve my kids in community service.  


While writing my book, Raising Kind Humans (debuting TBD!), I waded through pages and pages of data that all point to the same thing. 


Kindness is good for the soul. 


Not only for the person receiving, but massive benefits can be reaped from the person giving.  Improved mental health, strengthened empathy, problem solving skills, and increased self esteem are just a few. I want that for my kids.


And for yours.


I believe that involving our kids in service early on will help them develop the tools they will need to solve the bigger issues our world is facing.  Let's do this together.

Start your kindness journey today!

Try the first two months for just $1!

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