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Learn your letters through interactive video lessons that include movement, Play-Doh, art, kindness activities and so much more!

Play and be kind as we adventure through the alphabet!

Let's Play

Learning through Play

Movement is the best way to engage in learning.

  • The best learning happens while children are active.
  • Movement helps create new pathways in the brain.
  • Regular exercise helps with memory.
  • Active bodies help with creativity, problem solving, and language development.
  • Movement improves mental health.

Let's get moving!

In Leaping Letters, you'll be moving and grooving with Teacher Katie as you learn the sounds of the letters, how say and write them, as well as shapes, numbers and character development!


Adventure through the alphabet…

  • 200 + videos on demand
  • 26 kindness activity suggestions and 52 book recommendations
  • Engaging and interactive to maximize learning
  • Word of the week to strengthen character development (ie. empathy, determination, kindness, etc.)

What's Included in Leaping Letters...


Video lessons on demand.  Simply choose a letter and play your way through a welcome song, letter of the day, warm up, art, movement activities, Play-Doh, letter writing, and gymnastics!  A PDF for each letter is included that gives a character trait to focus on as well as book recommendations and a kindness activity!


Let's wiggle and play as we strengthen our minds, bodies, and hearts!

  • Welcome songs, warm ups, and gymnastics for each letter!
  • Learn the letters through animal actions and silly movements.
  • Activities that strengthen number sense, shape recognition, colors, +more!

Movement is a fun way to learn and strengthen pathways in the brain.  


Each letter has a corresponding art project!

  • Print the art page provided, gather materials, and follow along!
  • Try new process art techniques and invoke creativity.
  • Step-by-step video instructions make it simple.

By the end of the course you will have an alphabet book full of art A-Z!


Let's get squishy while we shape the letters with Play-Doh!

  • Learn the lines and curves of each letter.
  • Practice tracing the letter with your finger.
  • Learn the correct letter formation and direction to write.

Learning letters is more fun with Play-Doh!

 Letter Writing

Put everything together and learn to write the letters!

  • Practice letter formation with big body movements.
  • Use a dry erase board to write the letters.
  • Learn where to start the letter and cues to help you remember direction.

You'll be ready to write the alphabet in no time!

Take a quick peek at what's inside Leaping Letters!

Press play to see a snapshot of a few videos that you will find inside the course.


Leaping Letters Is For You If...

  • Your child is 3.5-5 years old
  • You child likes to MOVE and WIGGLE
  • You want a fun way to introduce letters, sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers.
  • You enjoy the ease of pressing play and adventuring through the alphabet!

Hey there!

I'm Katie


I'm a certified teacher now homeschooling my two kids.  I created Leaping Letters during the pandemic to give preschool age kids something fun just for them!  Now this video series is ready for you to play through the alphabet!

"I can't say enough about Teacher Katie's program.  She is so engaging and captivating in the prerecorded classes.  My 4.5 year old has learned and retained so much from this course.  She stays engaged and loves doing all of the activities.  The prerecorded classes work great with my family's schedule because we can fit them in anytime."

"This program is so wonderful because the recorded lessons allow you to do preschool with YOUR schedule.  Teacher Katie is warm, and relatable and plans such fun activities for the kids.  We love Leaping Letters!"

"What a fantastic program! Teacher Katie is warm and engaging.  There are so many fun activities.  It's very well put together!!"

Start playing today!

Leaping Letters

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