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Leaping Letters

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play and be kind.


Let your little one play through the alphabet while instilling kindness and empathy! Simply choose a letter and start playing and learning.

How it works

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Each letter starts with the Leaping Letters song! Warm up your body and get ready to play with this fun, bouncy beginning.

Learn what shape your mouth makes and what sound the letter says with an interactive letter-of-the-day activity.

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Get messy as you create fun process art for each letter.  By the end of the series you will have a whole art alphabet book! 

Let's move! Play along with Teacher Katie to practice things like letter, shape, and number recognition!

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Use your squishy senses to create the letters with Play-Doh!

Put your new knowledge to work as you learn to write each letter with correct formation, first with your body and then with a pen!

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Each letter comes with a printable guide for more letter-themed ideas!  The word-of-the-week focuses on positive characteristics like empathy, responsibility, and courage.  Book recommendations and a kindness activity are also included!

Become a Koala Club member to access all 26 letters of the alphabet for just $10 a month!

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