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Kindness Rocks!

Image by Elizabeth Villalta

Did you find a Kindness Rock? 

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Step 1: Choose an act of kindness from the list below, or come up with one of your own.

Step 2: Put kindness out in the world with your kids or friends.

Step 3: Follow and tag @teamkindhumans on your Instagram post of your kind act and receive a certificate for taking a positive step towards a kinder world.

(or email

Become part of the global movement. 

Kindness Ideas

* Hold the door open for someone

* Plant a tree 

*Plant flowers for the bees

* Give someone a compliment

* Leave a positive message in sidewalk chalk

* Send a picture or handwritten card to someone

* Bake a treat for a neighbor

* Say thank you to a community member

* Help carry in the groceries for someone

* Do a chore without being asked

* Play or sing a song to someone

* Call someone on the phone to check in

*Donate a few of your toys or books

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