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About Team Kind Humans

Flipping the narrative on community service.

 Welcome! I'm Katie, a former elementary school teacher turned homeschool mama of two, and I'm on a quest to make community service with your kids easy, fun, and impactful.


When you hear the phrase "community service" what comes to mind? Maybe required, time-intensive, or mandatory are a few things that come up. You might be thinking, "are my kids even old enough?" These are all the same thoughts I've had!


Well, my friends, I'm here to help flip the narrative and give a fresh take on what community service for kids looks like! It's simple, effective, and gives kids a chance to explore their interests and help others in the process. And guess what? Getting kids involved in their community helps improve self-esteem, strengthen empathy, and pave the way for future leaders and problem solvers.  So, why not engage them with fun stories, projects, and simple service activities to help give them a sense of purpose and place in this world?

Download the free resource guide or pick a project to get started!
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"If we are to reach real peace in this world...we shall have to begin with children." -Gandhi

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