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Why Community Service for Kids?

When kids participate in community service projects they are not only helping others, but reaping the benefits of increased self-esteem, strengthened empathy and compassion, and sharpening critical thinking skills.

Build a brighter future one kind human at a time.



Service learning projects, experts, and community!


Kids can hear directly from kid-friendly nonprofits, learn from their favorite authors, and engage with experts doing good in this world.  They will make other kind-hearted friends through a supportive, secure community portal chalk full of challenges, prizes, and lots of support! Try a month for only $1!

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26 lessons on demand packed with easy, fun activities kids will love! Shake your way through each letter-themed lesson with movement activities, creative art projects, squishy Play-Doh, guided letter writing, and so much more! Book recommendations and kindness activities included! All you have to do is press PLAY!

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